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Author: Julian, 2016/12/11

an 8th WASPA title for Chessray !!!

Saturday 10 December 2016, Pretoria, South Africa: 
The final event on the 2016 Pretoria Flickers Club calendar attracted a field of 10 entries - including Imtiaz Ahmed on holiday from the Northwest province of South Africa. Imtiaz had last competed in March 2015 during the SATFA / Alberton Challenge. The players were placed in two groups of 5 - with each player getting to play 4 matches over 5 rounds of play. Over the 20 scheduled matches we witnessed a total of 20 goals scored, ensuring for great fun and action to end a busy year for the Pretoria Flickers Club. For this event all players used Total Soccer figures & bases - playing in various International colours.
The pick of Round 1 action saw a 2-0 win for Jayden vd Merwe (Netherlands) over Stanton Nortjie (Argentina). Elsewhere, Kegan vd Merwe (Portugal) registered a 1-0 win over Imtiaz Ahmed (France).
In Round 2, Stanton frustrated Bevin Reed (England) to a 0-0 draw, whilst Rowin Wilson (Brazil) shocked everybody when he took a 1-0 lead over Jayden - but the lead lasted only 2 minutes as Jayden stormed back to force a 1-1 draw !
The much anticipated fixture in Round 3 saw Bevin record a 2-0 victory over Jayden. When Conway Julie (Spain) beat Imtiaz by 1-0, the standings at the end of Round 3 made for some interesting reading as Conway found himself top of the standings - but the tournament favourites still had a game in hand.
Then Round 4 produced some upsets - firstly, Julian vd Merwe (Japan) wheathered an opening 5 minute assault from Bevin, but Julian somehow managed to compose himself and win the match by 2-0 ! Sherwin Reed (Germany) then profited on a defensive error to beat Kegan by 1-0. Chessray Jooste (Italy) was silently getting the results he required, and after beating Imtiaz by 1-0, Chessray was top of the standings going into Round 5.
In Round 5, Julian took the lead over Jayden - but Jayden got one back to end the match 1-1, the draw ensuring a 3rd place overall for Julian. Chessray then beat Kegan by 1-0, the result confirming Chessray as 2016 PFC Copa del Clausura winner ! Elsewhere Bevin recorded the day's highest winning margin by 3-0 over Rowin, a result securing 2nd place overall for Bevin.
I suppose it was no surprise that Chessray Jooste captured his 8th WASPA title on the day - as he (Chessray) was Pretoria's stand out player during last month's SA Championship held in Cape Town, when Chessray managed a 4th place overall finish at the SA Championship !
A great day of fun as the curtain came down on the club's busiest year to date - a total of 12 WASPA sanctioned events was held in Pretoria during 2016 ! Thanks to all for your support during the year - hope you have a Flicking Festive period, ready to take on 2017 !

Final Standings - Points
Chessray Jooste (ITALY) 7
Bevin Reed (ENGLAND) 5
Julian vd Merwe (JAPAN) 5
Sherwin Reed (GERMANY) 5
Conway Julie (SPAIN) 5
Jayden vd Merwe (NETHERLANDS) 4
Kegan vd Merwe (PORTUGAL) 3
Stanton Nortjie (ARGENTINA) 3
Rowin Wilson (BRAZIL) 3
Imtiaz Ahmed (FRANCE) 0

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  • CHALLENGE CUP : Bevin Reed 19 May 2018
  • PRETORIA CUP + PLATE : Jayden vd Merwe + Marlin Boyd 5 May 2018
  • FOUNDERS CUP : Bevin Reed 14 April 2018
  • COPA del APERTURA : Jayden vd Merwe 17 February 2018


  • LEAGUE 3 : Jayden vd Merwe    
COPA del CLAUSURA : Adam Murray
  • SCUDO CAMPIONI + LEAGUE 2 : Bevin Reed
  • EUROPA LEAGUE : Adam Murray 16 Sept 2017
  • CHAMPIONS LEAGUE + GOLD CUP : Jayden vd Merwe
  • LEAGUE 1 : Julian vd Merwe 24 June 2017
  • CHALLENGE CUP : Chessray Jooste 20 May 2017
  • FOUNDERS CUP : Bevin Reed 11 March 2017
  • COPA del APERTURA : Kegan vd Merwe 18 February 2017

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